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Le KAL > sky

L’acte polluant mondial n’a jamais été aussi intense. Malgré les législations nationales souvent très restrictives face à la pollution de l’air ( la plus quotidienne et la plus visible, la plus directement subit sans avoir le choix ), ...

blog / 01-25-2015
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Hunar Ghar Jobsite > india

In this part of Rajasthan, the local way of living is totally connected with the surrounding landscape : the desert, the heat, the lack of the essential and basic living products such as food and water,... create a particular approach of life. The ...

blog / 08-05-2014

Shanghai Blues > china

Without complex, present and past co-exist in Shanghai ; its future under construction. A sense of change is represented by the constant remaking of its streets ; from the mega projects that erase a sites history, to the mindful renovation of ...

blog / 04-23-2014