LANE is a non profit organization emerged from the desire to practice architecture differently and “beyond borders” with the conviction that each project is a complete new experience and invents a new story.
By taking context and regional issues into mind, LANE’s creative process is informed by environmental, landscape, economic, cultural, and social conditions. Local data is always the root of the work whatever the place, whatever the subject. Nevertheless, creating a new environment means to build upon the old without imitating it but rather using it to find the essence of the new one. 

LANE’s architecture is specific and local, based on the refusal of a systematic architectural formula.
Through the concept of hyper-local, LANE highlights a sustainable and efficient approach believing that architecture can enhance both the practical and the common, to make them big and beautiful.

The architecture of LANE is guided by simple yet meaningful work on spacing and lighting, territoriality and materiality. The result is a qualitative, responsable and sustainable architectural production.
By choosing to use the local resources, LANE is able to make projects both cost efficient and contemporary.

Therefore, the invention of each new architectural concept is dependent on both the theoretical knowledge and experiential understanding of the surrounding context.

Collaboration is a key component of LANE’s architectural approach. In order to create an environment most appropriate for each partner’s needs, they must be an integral part of the concept. Their ideas and opinions are heard and used to guide the process of finding the best architectural solution.

Balancing the scope of work between the macro condition to the micro condition of individual and users, LANE intends to leverage local skills and blend them with techniques learned from previous case studies to form a powerful tool of development.

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LANE develops a specific work with NGOs and emphasizes Community participation to create projects that address it needs. This process boosts Community commitment and ensures lasting success.

LANE is the liaison between NGOs and Communities, able to facilitate and explain any questions relating to the field of construction. No matter what region; whether it is a remote village or a chaotic city, LANE can help with the architectural solution that best serves the Community.

By design, LANE is a nomadic entity, flexible and adaptable to various NGO operational models. LANE’s goal is to help different participants ( NGOs, beneficiaries, architects, … ) all over the world to have a synergistic relationship.

LANE is the path that leads to an appropriate architectural answer. This architectural answer comes from honestly listening to both the NGO and the Community and working within the constraints set by the two parties. In working with the NGO that takes the lead in developing relationships with the local community, LANE serves as touch point for issues relating to local construction.

LANE believes in architecture’s ability to change life conditions and forge a hopeful future for Communities under development. In addition to the functional service of architecture, It is through the poetic and aesthetic change in the built environment that a Community can begin to recognize itself.