Solar « Insect » Cooker

> PROGRAM : supporting structure for two 10m² solar cooker reflectors
> LOCATION : India, Rajasthan, Bhakel 24°31″07’N 73°05″41’E
> NGO : Educate For Life
> CONSULTING : Solare Brücke
> AREA : building 30m2 + landscaping 30m2
> INTELLECTUAL CONTRIBUTION : Tuy Tran and Nicolas Gustin
> PROGRESS : CD phase ( 2012 )  


HG is an informal school in a remote rural village and in a low-income area of Western Rajasthan, India. In this region and nowadays, the way to cook is the same than hundred years ago : villagers burn woods and the fire cook the dishes. Pretty simple. The problem is that during the past century until now, the local forest has been over exploited in order to use trees as firewood. The result is a cleared landscape with no forest anymore and a series of natural consequences such as soil erosion and an accelerated desertification.5


The solution of using solar energy popped up naturally when we thought about using a sustainable alternative. The Scheffler reflector appeared to be an interesting choice because it can be build and maintain by the community itself. The solar parabola technology has to follow some strict rules in term of use. For instance, the calculation of the solar angle from the parabola to the focus point ( where the food is cooked ) has to be precise. In addition, the solar reflector has to be at the correct high. And it is this particular point that has been treated through the supporting metal structure : how to design such structure integrated to the local landscape ? SERIES

The result evokes to the inhabitants the feeling to be in front of a local green insect. We looked for the movement, the unbalanced moment that would make the structure becoming alive

The metal profiles ( L shape and IPN ) are standard, local and easily affordable. For the adjustment of the reflector, a ladder has been integrated as part of the structure and leads to a triangle maintenance platform.



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